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    Parameters Measures and Calc Fields for the Panthers

    Michael Weber

      I have attached a workbook for reference.


      I have a summary row at the top of the dashboard that contains different measures. I want the ability to click on one of those measures and have the top right graph filter with the measure. This would involve creating a parameter and inserting it into a calculated field I believe. I do not know if this is possible since I want to switch between measures and have the data appear in the top right graph appropriately. So if I selected "Yards"  the bars in the graph would rearrange and now contain yards data for each team.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          Rasmus Gars Holm

          Hi Michael,


          Cool dataset you have there..


          The way you wish to use your summary row sounds like dashboard actions. With dashboard actions you can filter the top right graph, but I am not sure weather or not you can change measures.
          However, you can change measures by using a parameter.
          I have made a parameter with two of your measures, placed it on the dashboard and attached the packaged workbook. Changing the measure in the parameter will change you top right graph.
          By adding extra lines in the parameter-list and the calculated field you can add the rest of you measures