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    Please can you help me with map labels, desperately trying to finalise a view today - Thank you

    Lucy Jones



      I am using Tableau 8.3 (I also have access to v 9.1). I have created a map, the map has labels that show 1 dimension and 3 measures for each label (dimension is market) measures include cost, saves and a percentage of saves/cost. When I show the labels it brings up some of the markets with the lowest costs and saves, is there a way of selecting the markets that you want to display as labels so that I can show the markets with the greatest impact? I don't want to delete the other markets as it is important that they are still there and available if someone was to select one from a filter. I have found a way to do this if the label includes just one measure but I cannot figure out a way where the label includes more than one measure and a dimension.


      Thank you so much for your help