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    Parking for TUG meeting on Feb 11th

    Eric Bischof

      Hi, some people have asked about parking options for 100 Pearl St.

      I put together a quick & dirty custom google map with some of the better places to park around the office (click the blue link) 100 Pearl St Parking Map https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zjKkjmeQPu-E.kXGb3S8QxjoY&usp=sharing

      It doesn't list every option, but these are the best surface lot and street suggestions for the TUG meeting.

      There is a parking garage at the 100 Pearl St building but it's expensive if you arrive before 5pm.


      Reminder that the TUG meeting is on the 2nd floor (as you enter the building and see the security desk, take the elevators on the right side).