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    Integration Issues

    Ray Turk



      We have sensitive information/charts/visualizations that require us to use Tableau Online. We have no capacity to host Tableau in-house and can't use the public version.

      Issue: Our BI analysts have created visualizations and pushed them to Tableau Online using Tableau Desktop.

      We have been asked to "integrate" some of these charts/dashboards with our corporate websites/portals.

      How do we do this without requiring our user base (>1000) to 1st have accounts on Tableau online, since they are simply going to view this information and we can't afford to spend money buying each a license and 2) not force each one to authenticate with Tableau server?


      Basically, we have a lot of people who will READ/VIEW the visualizations, but have no need to make any updates.


      Can the Javascript API be provided with a CORPORATE SITE IP so upon initialization with Tableau Online the call can validate the IP and NOT prompt for authentication?


      Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome.