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    OpenTSDB connector

    Toby Riddell

      I first saw Tableau as part of a Big Data course I took 12 months ago, and I had heard about OpenTSDB from a friend several years ago - hooking the two together seemed like a good idea! After some initial work looking into OData I was very happy to see the Web Data Connector released - it makes things a lot simpler.


      The code for the OpenTSDB Connector is here:


      tobyriddell/OpenTSDBTableauConnector: Query OpenTSDB from Tableau using Web Data Connect


      I've put some notes in the README.md file on setting it up (there's probably a neater way to get bootstrap, etc. using npm or bower but I haven't figured it out - if anyone would like to supply instructions I'll be happy to update the README, or fork the repo. and send me a pull request).


      For anyone interested in learning about OpenTSDB, please start here: OpenTSDB - A Distributed, Scalable Monitoring System