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    Visualising survey data using Tableau

    Helen Lindsay

      I participated in an online training course run by Steve Wexler (Tableau Zen Master) / DataRevelations.com last week. I would highly recommend it to anyone working with survey data.


      I did the Tableau Desktop Fundamentals and Advanced courses in November 2014 with one of Tableau's top trainers (Tiffany Spaulding). It was an intense, enjoyable and informative program. This is no criticism of Tiffany (or Interworks who hosted the course) but after three days I left with as many questions as I went with. My knowledge of Tableau was greatly broadened (over what I had done via the excellent online tutorials). However, my knowledge was not deepened with respect to survey data. The questions I asked were deemed "Zen Master level".


      In contrast, Steve Wexler's course focussed on survey data. Every moment of the day was relevant and directly applicable to the work I do. Steve's excellent blogs will give you a good idea of the content.   It is a hands-on course run entirely on-line. But don't be put off by that. It was well paced with excellent reference material and a great producer in the background to sort out any technical problems.


      It can be tough to keep up with hands-on training even in a classroom and especially when every exercise builds on the last. Steve dealt with this brilliantly by providing a version of the workbooks with every step complete - "If you didn't quite finish the last exercise, use this workbook". The planning was meticulous.


      I must add that I have absolutely no connection with Data Revelations either personal or commercial. This is a genuine recommendation from a very satisfied participant.