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    Need to use two values together from separate parameters in filter

    Ajai Gupta



      I have an Year Parameter containing years as 2010, 2011...  and a Month Parameter containing months with display as Jan, Feb...and value as 01, 02... In my CUBE data source, I have a field as Year_Month which holds values as 201001, 201002.....201501, 201502, 201503... What I need is to apply a filter as WHERE Year_Month <= 'Year Parameter Selected Value'  + 'Month Parameter Selected Value'.

      I tried the formula section of filter but that is not allowing me to concatenate the two parametric values. It only allows to use simple one parametric value as Year_Month <= [Year Parameter Selected Value].


      I tried with creating a calculated field as :

      IF [Year_Month] <= [Year Parameter]+[Month Parameter]


      but this throws an error as Year_Month not a valid field(Year_Month is inside [Date] hierarchy in Dimension section of CUBE). I even tried creating a calculated member under Measure section of the CUBE and defined it as:

      [Date].[Year_Month].CurrentMember.MemberValue but this too doesn't returns me any luck and throw huge set of errors. Additionally I noticed that the members can't be utilised to filter the data.


      I'm very new to Tableau so might be going in a wrong way. Please help me out by your valuable suggestions.