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    Can I look at the same metric at multiple levels of hierarchy on a single graph?

    Deepa Garge


        I am hoping someone can help me as I am struggling with this for the last couple of days. As a background, I am a novice Tableau user, so I would really appreciate if you could provide me with a step by step "how to" to any solution you propose. I have a table Structure that looks roughly like this:




      Now, what I finally want to see is the aggregate Leader stats(like average starting_weight and average_goal_weight) and the personal trainer stats(same stats) on the same graph. The trainer and the leader form a hierarchy. Have 2 filters, one for leader and one for trainer. So when I chose a particular stats, I want 2 lines on the graph to show the metrics for the leader. Then I want to be able to choose the trainer and view the same stats for the trainer with the flexibility to choose from any trainer under the leader. The leader related lines shouldn't change so long as I keep the leader fixed. One I change the leader, these lines should change. I have attached a packaged workbook with 2 sheets showing the metric for the trainer and leader. What I want is the 2 in the same graph (same axes) along with 2 filters for trainer and leader