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    Replacing data source lessons learned

    Phung Le

      Are there any good lessons learned on replacing the data source?  Every time I replace the data source, I keep having to manually copy over the calculated fields, groups and sets.  I also have to redo the alias.  My colors are also affected, so I have to reconfigure them as well.


      My question is:

      1.  Is there a more seamless process to replace the data source without having to manually copy and reconfigure?

      2.  If not, does somebody have a list of things that would have to be done manually, so that we don't have to figure it out when there is an issue?



      Thank you

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          Thomas McCullough

          Hello Phung,


          I understand your frustration here.  Here are a couple of considerations that will help when replacing data sources.


          1. Calculations will not get brought over unless they are being used in a viz.  To get around this, create a worksheet that's a simple crosstab and drag all of your calculations onto it.  Nested calcs 'should' get pulled over, but it doesn't hurt to be safe.  If your calcs are being used, they'll be brought over in the data replacement.

          2. Colors are attached to data sources, so you'll likely be losing them as well.  Though not a workaround, it's handy to have custom palettes set up for your colors so you can easily go back and reassign them after the replace.  You can enter custom color palettes in the preferences.tps file in your Tableau Repository in your documents folder.


          Hope this helps!



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Is there a reason you are using Replace Data Source instead of Edit Data Source?



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              Phung Le

              You are right.  Perhaps I am not doing it correctly.  I do have various scenarios, but the one is question is this.  I have been given several text files representing various tables.  In the course of development and various iterations, I create a consolidate view that will support the visuals that are desired.  Through the various iterations with data model changes, I have used replace data source.  Perhaps I should have used Edit Data Source here.


              Now that I am done and ready to publish, can I use Edit Data Source to move to the connection to the database?  I am under the impression that I need to create another data source connecting to the database, then use Replace Data Source.