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    Jeremy Poole

      Welcome everyone, to the Tableau Retail group. I'm very excited to be working with Jeff, Neda, and Lauren to coordinate this group. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself, and hope that some of you will do the same as this group begins to grow. I hope that we'll be able to turn this space into something powerful within our industry and help/support each other along our individual Tableau journeys.


      I'm Jeremy, I currently work as a Sr. Analyst for a department store chain in the Southeastern United States. Before venturing into the BI space, my background was in the business. My first retail role was as an Assistant Buyer for Womens Robes & Sleepwear(quite an interesting department for a guy). As far as fashion goes, I'm not your guy. Data & Analysis, that's my realm. I spent some time in the merchandising world, and learned a ton about how that business operates. I was given an opportunity to move over to our Finance organization in something of a dual role between Finance/Merchandising as a Merchandise Margin Analyst(functions more like a special projects analyst). This role consisted of high-level one-off analysis projects in support of our executive team. It was a phenomenal opportunity and allowed me to take my analysis skillset to another level. Bringing us back to present day, I joined the IT organization 3 years ago. I was introduced to Tableau about 2 1/2 years ago and have never looked back. The Tableau community(and Zen Master blogs by extension) has been the single most important tool for my learning and development.


      I'm happy to share more detail about experiences/learnings/thoughts around Tableau in the retail space, and look forward to hearing the same from many of you. I hope through this forum and the Webinars/Events we'll be hosting in the near future, that this will become a collaborative space. Invite your coworkers/contacts to join and we'll build this group up.


      Also, feel free to jump in and respond to Jeff's post about what you'd like to see in this space. They're really looking forward to setting up content based on the group's interests. Thanks all!