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    UCL Calc

    SambiReddy Chanimella

      Hi All,


      I have a  requirement like i need to calculate Mean,Std.dev,UCL and i tried those in attached workbook but the desired values are not accurate.


      My Requirement -

      Find Mean,Median and UCL



      PFA the workbook with superstore data


      Note : In Y-axis the field 'Date in hours' should not be Aggregated.


      Appreciate if someone help me out.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello SambiReddy,


          So in the example supplied the view is at the level of Day and yet there are many orders per day.  I am curious if the goal in this example is actually to find the difference in date/time at the level of Order?  Understanding the level of detail is important to figure out the average...  I like to start with a crosstab view of all of the data and calculate a value in Tableau first before going to a chart view. 


          A view of the sample data with an expected result - would help a lot to assist you here.


          Thank you