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    Regarding Data Governance

    Irfan Mohammed

      Hi Everyone


          We are planning to implement Tableau in telecom domain. Here we want to promote Tableau to the business as a self service tool where they can connect to the data themselves and create there own visualizations. My manager asked a very basic question regarding data governance. If we give users access to create their own data sources and visuals, its going to become a playground. Let say for example, a user can manipulate figures in the backed excel and present it his management in Tableau. What is the most efficient and secure way of dealing with this and at the same time, giving users self service option, without much IT control.

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          Norbert Maijoor



          My advice would be a "Blended Approach" based on "Self-Service BI " & "Corporate BI"


          In the "Self-Service- area" the business is in the lead down to individual datasources.

          In the "Corporate-area" IT is in the lead up till Datamarts.

          Based on Report Life Cycle management valid reports will transfer from Self-Service-area to Corporate-area.


          Hope this short explanation is clear.