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    Using Parameters and Calculated Fields to Categorize Filters

    Paden Goldsmith



      I seem to have run across a rather unfortunate issue.  We have created a dashboard in which we have effectively categorized our quick filters via parameters and a CASE statement to call fields dynamically to act as a filter.  Unfortunately, filters within the same category (while the function of the filter is retained) do display only relevant values, as selected.  Is there any advice?


      As an example of my groupings:


      Academic Structure (Parameter):
           College (Filter)
           Department (Filter)
           Major (Filter)


      Student (Parameter):
      Admission Type (Filter)

      Fee Residency (Filter)


      Each of the filters are a case statement of the parameter to allow us to dynamically choose and categorize the individual measures.   Variables within each of the parameters, however, show all values, rather than only relevant values.  Is there a way to make it display only relevant values? 


      Thank you,