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    Integrating Tableau Rest API With Spring REST Web application.

    Rahul Tokase


      We are working on POC where we are integrating Tableau with Our enterprise application. Our application is in Spring MVC. we are trying to do the following things.

      In our application  we can add different users on addition of users we want them to be added in tableau server using the tableau rest api Regarding this I have following questions/


      1)  What is expiration of REST API token got it from by calling Signin url ?

      2)  I am planning to use a TokenService which will give a call to signin url with admin user and password and save the token which can be later use by all the users logging into our system


      Do you think this is good way of using and generating the tableau REST api token ?


      In out systems multiple users can logged into and view the dashboard and add users. What is your suggestion on generating the token and sharing across the multiple tableau REST API calls?


      I have already downloaded the JAVA REST API example.


      Do you support content type JSON instead of xml?