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    Cincinnati Tableau User Group Update

    Russell Spangler

      I’ve been trying to put together a schedule for the next few Cincinnati Tableau User Group events and I need some assistance. 


      We are in need of the following:





      I have a few people willing to present and have a few ideas for topics, but I have a few spots to fill and I’m interested in having local individuals from the user group present or cover a topic. If you are working on something interesting or doing is creative, cutting edge, or useful to others, I would love for you to showoff/teach what you are working on to the group.  If I receive multiple responses,  I’ll try and pair up similar ideas to create events based around the materials.


      Other than member participation we are in need of a few additional venues, our venues are mostly NKY (Data Intensity), UC and downtown Cincinnati.  I would like to locate a venue for possible events in maybe the Kenwood/Blue Ash area, West Chester/Mason area, and additional venues for NKY/downtown Cincinnati.  For venues we would be looking for space for approximately 40-60 people with space for standing room (given the % of no shows from a few events, its difficult to gauge attendance). Food and drinks are not necessary. If we don’t receive any volunteer locations, I’ll follow-up with my contacts and start to book locations we have used for previous events, I'm hoping to give different venues the chance to host an event.


      Below are the possible dates of the events for the first half of 2016:


      February Event: Most likely 2/25 (Thursday)

      March Event: Week of 3/21

      April Event: Week of 4/11

      May Event: Week 5/9 or 5/16

      June Event: Week of 6/6 or 6/13


      Possible topics/events:

      Hands on training (laptops needed, space for laptops)

      Tools used with Tableau (Alteryx, Informatica, R) (looking for people that use tools in conjunction with Tableau on a regular basis and would like to present)

      I’m also happy to plan a social/very informal event (happy hour or coffee meetup) if there is any interest.


      At anytime you can contact me at russellspangler@gmail.com.  Also please feel free to post to the user group page or reply to a message if you have any questions or comments.