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    COUNTIF Like with a MIN

    Allison Berry

      I have data that I am wanting to track if employees submit their timesheet on time.  I then would like to calculate a % of on time.  My problem is this:  some weeks there might be days of the week where that day was not submitted by the due date.  We want to give people the benefit of the doubt and if there is one day submitted on time, the week is on time.  To accomplish this, converted the on time to a 1 or 0 and show the min.  This is shown on the Employee Submission tab as a smiley face or a late clock.  Now I want to count the number of smiley faces (trying this on sheet 8) and I'm having issues.  I can get the ontime and late totals at the line, but this does not match the min status because of those times there might be days not submitted on time.  I'm guess I need an LOD function, but I'm at a loss.  Thanks!