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    Case# 01799834: How to assign tooltip to individuals in a grouped measure name

    Sudhansu Rout

      Hi Team,


      I have 10 measures to show on the dashboard and i grouped them and created a single measure and named as measure names and put it in the column.


      The problem is - Since all the measures are grouped together and placed in a single pane therefore when i am  assigning tooltip to a particular measure, it gets assigned to all which i don't want. What i want is even though it's a grouped measure, i want to assign tool tip to each individual measure.


      I have already raised the issue to Tableau Technical Support team and go the below response


      "Thank you for contacting Tableau technical support. I am following up in regards to the issue of when assigning a tooltip to a measure which is grouped then tooltip is assigned to all measures within the group. This is not currently not a feature that is built into the product.

      I will enter an enhancement request on your behalf for the Product Management team to review for possible inclusion in a future release. "


      Please let us know by when this enhancement will be implemented and made available to tableau users.





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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Sudhansu,


          Here are two workarounds for this particular requirement:


          A) Use a multiple axis crosstab which will get you a marks card for each measure where you can have totally separate tooltips for each measure. Download the workbook at http://public.tableau.com/views/conditionalformattingv4/Introduction for details. This can have have large impacts on performance and maintenance but can get the desired results.


          B) Pivot the data, so there is enough dimensionality to get the desired results:


          1) Pivot your data so instead of 10 columns for the 10 measures there are now 10 rows with new columns forthe measure's name and value (Tableau's Pivot feature adds these automatically). Depending on your data source you may want to pre-aggregate prior to the pivot.

          2) Create a view using the the new measure names dimension.

          3) Create calculated fields that return the appropriate values for each desired tooltip, and Null for everything else.


          As for your question about product releases, please know that most everyone answering questions on the forums is a volunteer so we are not privy to Tableau's release schedule. In addition, Tableau generally doesn't say much at all about future plans, the most that we get is the annual keynote at the Tableau Conference plus announcements during the beta. There have been no public announcements about this particular feature that I'm aware of.


          Finally, the Community Canvas that you posted to is for questions about the Tableau Community itself, the Tableau forums are a more appropriate place for this kind of question -- I moved your question over to the forums.