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    Workweek Slider for users who handles "Workweek" Viz

    Shinichiro Murakami

      Hi, Community.


      This is pretty simple idea, but is quite useful to me, and sorry if similar one is well-known.

      Plus, I'm not sure this is the right place to post this kind of idea.  Let me know if you know better place.


      I sometimes see the community members who uses "workweek" as a key granularity of historical data.

      This idea may be useful for these people.


      My company uses "Workweek" calendar, that's 1st week starts around January 1st (But not always according to "January 1st" 's day of week).

      This is typically shown as "2015-01" type of format.

      What I feel troublesome was when I try to Zoom specific workweek range from huge set of workweek.


      If the field is "Date" we could have relative date "Slider", but because Workweek is "string",

      I needed to select multiple (usually many) workweeks to hide, or zoom. then push space key.


      Then, I tried to create "workweek" slider.

      This was a problem........

      Expected Feature

      OK, start from Creating easy Calculated Field to convert "Workweek" to "Date"





      Put [WW_Slider] into Filter shelf


      Choose Relative date

      Select Range of dates

      Show Quick Filter


      Now Slider is available !!

      However, this only shows "exact date" which users are not familiar to...


      ==> Change the "date format"


      Select [WW_Slider]'s Default Properties, then Date Format

      Select "2001 W11" as fromat

      (Exact custom description is  "yyyy\ \Www")

      Now you can get "Workweek" Slider to Zoom specific workweek Range.  



      This does not match to "EXACT" Workweek which company uses, but typical case, 1~2 weeks difference is not a big matter in my case.