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    Tableau related job opportunity

    Robert Blagg

      Hello LA Tableau User Group,


      My office at UCLA is anticipating hiring a full time research analyst with experience and interest in data visualization (Tableau experience a plus). A brief description of this position is below. If you know of someone who may be interested in such a position, please pass this description and my contact information along (rblagg@luskin.ucla.edu).


      Position Summary:

      The Assistant Public Administration Analyst works with Evaluation staff to Organize and carry out complex, multifaceted social welfare research and program evaluation and social welfare research activities in a coherent and efficient fashion, and provides administrative, organizational, and research support for research staff. This includes comprehensively supporting or conducting evaluation and research activities, including: data analysis and visualization (experience with Tableau a plus), data collection, data management, and reporting. The Assistant Public Administration Analyst must operate in a complex technical environment using internet-based multiple software systems employing several software products (e.g., Tableau, Microsoft Office Suite, Stata, SPSS, and GIS software). The Assistant Public Administration Analyst must manage day-to-day evaluation and research activities to ensure efficient and effective research operations. The Assistant Public Administration Analyst must support existing data security and confidentiality procedures. The Assistant Public Administration Analyst is also responsible for on and off-site evaluation and research support, including; organizing and attending meetings with research partners and stakeholders, collecting/managing data, and facilitating the reporting of research and evaluation findings.

      Thank you!