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    Calculation between rows plus colums

    abhinav singh




      For order management data in Tableau, a calculation between columns plus rows is to be done. I'm trying to bring up all the observations in Tableau (a row represents a single order identified by order id) to show orders which are potentially rebooked.

      The rule is that if for cancelled orders by a specific customer for a specific product type are placed again within a week, then they are potentially rebooked. For this, difference between order closing date for any cancelled order and order creation date for a fulfilled order are to be calculated if they are by same customer for same product type.

      So, a calculation between columns (order closing date and order creation date) has to be done between rows (cancelled and fulfilled order if customer and product type are same).

      Every row represents a unique order and has an order id, customer, product type, cancelled or non cancelled code, order entry date and order closing date. How can this be done in Tableau?