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      Im trying to make a calculated field with a LOOKUP (or some other better suggestion?)  where I want to show a certain value shown in another column. I added an excel sheet to show what I mean. The columns "SHOW APT", SHOW LT and SHOW PT are calculated fields


      Format TitleTimeSlot (group)Min. StartShow APTShow PTShow LNNew column
      Show 1PT20:14:007%-36%36%-36%
      Show 2PT22:04:00-4%-3%-60%-3%
      Show 3LN23:15:0052%-1%12%12%
      Show 4APT17:15:0023%-26%52%23%

      For example: Show 1 is in Timeslot PT > So it should show the value from column "Show PT"


      What is the best way to calculate this?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Haven't tested this, but looking at the snapshot above, you can try something like this:


          New Column:


          IF [TimeSlot (group)] = 'PT' THEN [Show PT]

          ELSEIF [TimeSlot (group)] = 'LN' THEN [Show LN]

          ELSEIF [TimeSlot (group)] = 'APT' THEN [Show APT]



          EDIT: If they are calculated fields then you might run into 'aggregate' 'non aggregate' issues, in that case you will need to make sure both the fields you use in the calculation are aggregates.