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    Tableau Online + AWS - How to generate a Data Extract

    Alik Pel


      I would like to improve performance by taking advantage of the Data-Extract mechanism.

      My question - how can I config Tableau Online to get a data extract directly from AWS (mySQL), without the need to upload an extract from the Tableau Desktop Professional first?






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          Dustin Smith

          Hi Alike,


          You can set this up quickly and easily with a one time publish from Tableau Desktop Pro to Tableau Online which then will automatically update without having to  go through Desktop.


          1. Connect to you MySQL database in AWS using Tableau Desktop
          2. Extract whatever data you want from your MySQL database using Tableau Desktop  (this will bring the data to your local machine)
          3. From inside Tableau Desktop, right-click on  the (now extracted) data and select "publish to Server" and then type in "online.tableau.com" when prompted for a server
          4. A window should pop-up that that gives you multiple options (naming, permissioning, etc.).  One of those options is a refresh schedule dropdown.
          5. After making your selections, you may be prompted to embed credentials
          6. Selecting a refresh schedule and publishing the extracted data to your Tableau Online site will push the extract from your local machine to Tableau Online and then from that point forward, the refresh should run via a direct process from Tableau Online to your MySQL DB on AWS.


          Additional Info:



          You might need to whitelist the Tableau Online IP from your AWS environment: Tableau Online: Keep Data Fresh


          I made a quick animated .gif that hopefully shows the process: