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    Tableau server not able to load reports




      I am working on a Tableau project . where I am going to publish reports with live connection. Tableau desktop version of the same report is quick enough. But after publish the same report at Tableau server , it loads perfectly few reports. one of the report is not loading. However the same is loading perfectly at tableau desktop version. I am using Oracle live connection. AT desktop it is taking 50 sec to load. at server I am expecting to load the same by 1 mins or so. But it is hunged for 40 mins. And never loads.


      If I make the live connection as extract , it is loading perfectly. What is the issue with live connection. However other reports are also live connection and loads perfectly at server as well as desktop version.


      Now the problem is that I cant go with extract , there is some business restriction. So could anyone help me to resolve the issue.


      Beside this issue , also this kind of issue is coming once I got any error , by knowingly if I type character in number parameter field and try to load. It is showing error at server. But after that all of the reports are stop loading.


      We found that lots of connections are in stale condition at oracle. Is this is reason to reach max connection and not able to load. Really in deep problem. Need some expert opinion. Probably it is tableau server issue.


      --Pallab Karmakar

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          Jeff Strauss

          many databases (i.e. Oracle) have resource queues and have restrictions set on how many active db connections there can be.  Have you checked with your DBA as to whether you are reaching a limit?  Tableau employees generally say that connection pooling is enabled, though we haven't seen as much connection pooling in practice as we would like to see built into the internals of the product.