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    Takeaways from the December TUG

    Kristy McGee

      We had a great turn out for the December user group meeting with 28 of the 74 members attending.  We discussed planning for 2016.  There are a number of items that we can address for the next year.


      How often would users like to meet?

           We discussed the option of bimonthly meetings, which would put our next meeting in February


      Where would users like to meet?

      •      This meeting was at Cummins Station, which is available but there is a charge for parking.
      •      There was mention of the Caterpillar Financial offices, but we are awaiting feedback.


      • What time works best?
      •      There is a poll to take for these options.  (11-1, 5-7, or 6-8)
      •      The current poll suggested 5-7 but that seemed difficult to make in traffic.


      Meeting subject matter?

           We introduced ourselves and discussed what we looked to gain from the meetings.

           Most of the users are from the Healthcare or Financial sectors/departments with varying levels of Tableau experience.

      •           Enterprise Tableau Deployment
      •           Beginning Tableau Desktop
      •           Calculations in Tableau
      •           Performance Tuning Dashboards


      Next Steps:

           Tableau is becoming a tool for our everyday Business Intelligence 'arsenal' and we have the capability of growing this group into a very strong user group.

                Join the Nashville TUG on LinkedIn (I will create the group today)

                    There will be a LinkedIn group for Nashville TUG and there is already a Meetup Group available to join.

                Post on this community page

                    This User Group page should be a place where users can ask questions for current projects as well as mentor other users.

                Small Groups

                     We also have the ability to meet to discuss things in smaller groups.  Some users (myself included) do not have Corporate Tableau groups or a support group to ask questions, outside of the Community online.

                     We can meet more regularly for other groupings (server users, new users, jedi wanna-be's )

               Viz Challenges

                     Viz Club

                          I know you are proud of your awesome work, so - show it off!  If you have something awesome, (or a very scary dataset) let us see it!