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    Abililty to Shut Down Filters for Small Ns? AKA Student Privacy and Data Exploration

    Sara Lemme

      I have a question similar to the one posted here:

      Limiting the Minimum N Size of Records Displayed (Filter Combinations)

      I work at a university where we have to be mindful of FERPA and student privacy.  My supervisor would like to be able to display some information about a small N (say, we have 1 - 2 students coming from a specific country in a specific term) but then disable the filters when the Ns are that small so that people can not find out specific/detailed information about those individuals (age, gender, race, etc.).  I am not sure how/if this is possible...


      I implemented the filter suggested in the post mentioned above, so that small Ns simply did not appear on the visualization, but my supervisor would like the small Ns to still appear in some areas but not be able to be filtered for details.  He would really like an * to appear instead of a number, but I haven't figured out how to get around the number vs. text issue without wreaking havoc on calculations in the visualization.  Any suggestions are welcome!