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    Alerting Tip: How to suppress alerts outside of business hours

    Matt Coles

      A question that has come up a couple of times as internal Tableau folks have started to build their own alerts on our Server has been, "How do we stop getting alert emails on the weekends, or during hours when I'm not at work?". Sometimes you don't need to know what's been going on when you're not there to monitor things, and the alert emails just start becoming spam that you've got to clear out in the morning, or on Mondays. And even if your Admin is very generous and has created lots of Schedules for you to subscribe on, they don't always work with your own specific needs. Thankfully, there's a very simple solution.


      Alert suppression in VizAlerts works just like everything else in VizAlerts--emails are only sent when your viz has some data in it when the schedule fires off and your alert is tested. So, all we have to do is make it show nothing when it's earlier than 9AM, or past 5PM, or is a Saturday or Sunday (you can adjust these to your own working schedule, of course!). We do that via two little calcs, which we then filter on.


      First, create the calculation to provide the current hour of the day:



      Then another to provide the current day of the week:



      Now that we have those, all we need to do is filter our viz to keep only the hours and days of the week we want our alert to function for. Because these aren't actually based on our data, it shouldn't affect the logic of the alert itself, it just effectively "de-activates" it when we don't want to hear from it.


      When you filter these, the default list is only going to give you the current hour and day to pick from, so you'll have to enter in a custom list of values like so:






      Once you've got those filters added, publish it up, subscribe if you haven't already, and you're free to enjoy blissful email silence while you re-watch episodes of Jessica Jones on your down time.