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    Quickly getting to new content in a thread (and a couple other Inbox tidbits)

    Toby Erkson

      You've received an update in your Inbox


      Make sure you're in the Split View so you can see your Inbox items AND the content of the item you've clicked:


      From here you can scroll down and view the new content.  You may also see a Helpful and Most Liked icons.  The number next to the Helpful shows how many people found the content Helpful and who marked it as such and where.  Here it is clicked:



      Want to know which post was the most liked within the topic?  Click the Most Liked button to see it:


      Click on the date to jump into the thread and into the specific post:

      Click the Done button to exit the Helpful or Most Liked pop-ups.




      Scrolling down I see Rody replied to one of my posts.  To jump directly to his reply within the thread I click on the elapsed time since the response was made:



      And now I can reply directly to his question.  This is important if viewing posts in Threaded View.