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    PDXaTUG December: #Data15, Tableau Certification, and Performance Tips

    William O'shea

      PDXaTUG December: #Data15, Tableau Certification, and Tips for Improving Workbook Performance


      Join us December 16 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM on the 20th Floor of the Fox Tower in downtown Portland, courtesy of Slalom Consulting


      PDXaTUG December: #Data15, Tableau Certification, and Performance Tips Tickets, Portland | Eventbrite



      2:00 – Gather and settle in

      2:10 – A few words from our sponsor, Slalom Consulting

      2:15 – Break into small groups to test out our “Quick Customer Stories” worksheet

      For coming meetings, we’d like to feature 2-3 local users talking for 5-10 minutes about how they use Tableau. To this end, we’ve devised a worksheet of questions to help users structure their talks. During this time, we’ll ask you to test it out and see if it sparks interesting conversations.

      2:45 – Re-gather and recap which questions led to interesting conversations

      3:00 – Conference recap

      If you went to #Data15, we want to hear about it! Please come prepared to share:

      • Which new Tableau feature you’re most excited about
      • Which session you attended that you found most valuable and why
      • One thing you learned that surprised you

      3:30 – Tableau Certification Q&A

      Erica Strachan of Slalom Consulting will chat about her experience becoming certified in Tableau Desktop and will answer as many of your burning questions about certification as she can.

      4:00 – Tips for Improving Workbook

      Kat Sklar of Perkins & Co will walk through some of the factors that impact Tableau workbook performance, and then demo a few concrete tips for improving your existing workbooks and building new ones with less spinny wheel frustration.

      4:30 – The best part

      Stick around to continue the conversations started by our presentations