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    Need to switch data source




      I have dashboard which having multiple work sheet from same Data source. Now I want to change data source of a particular work sheet. But I don't want to change the data source for other work sheets. I don't want to recreate the work sheet again, as that was bit complex and running at production.


      Is there any way out .


      FYI : Bookmarks approach will not work in this case


      --- Pallab

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Try this:


          • Duplicate the entire workbook
          • Edit the duplicate down to the one single sheet, and only the data sources needed for that sheet
          • Edit the Data Source to point at the new data source(s), or do a Replace if you want
          • Go to the original workbook, and File\Import Workbook the single sheet workbook you just created


          Tableau will automatically add the new data connection with a 1 appended to the name (if you didn't change the name of the data source in your dupe). T will also add your worksheet. That should do it.