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    Coming Soon: Community Upgrade and Revamp

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi Tableau Community!


      There's a lot of excitement going on around the community lately, from some of us meeting up with each other in Las Vegas to adding the ability to translate any thread. But we have one more big announcement, and that's the community upgrade!


      Coming December 4, the community will be getting an overhaul in the way it looks and will get some additional functionality that you all have been asking for. Here are just a couple of things to look forward to:



      - Responsiveness

      The Tableau Community will now be much more responsive so it will be easier to participate in the community from any device.


      - Social Sharing

      You'll be able to share any page on the Tableau Community more easily with a variety of different social channels.


      - Promoted Search

      We always want to make sure you get relevant content when you search. With this new capability, we'll be able to bump more official and useful content to the top of search resutls.

      - This is helpful

      Let others know that a response was helpful to you, even if you aren't the author of the original post.

      Keep an eye on the #communityupgrade tag to continue seeing what's to come in the next couple of weeks!