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    Brain Teaser - Parameter filtering

    Ben Page

      Might be a breeze for some of you, but I thought it might make for an interesting exercise with parameter filtering. I also thought this might provide a good opportunity to highlight some of the pros and cons of filtering with parameters. Anyway, I found myself with a requirement where the user wanted to select an option, see filtered data for only that option, and see how that option compares to others within some group. So, the challenge is this: using superstore data, create a dashboard that show sales by month for a sub category that a user selects. The dashboard must also show how this sub category compares to other sub categories (by sales) within the same category. The catch: only use two sheets (one for a trend, one for a bar chart). E.g. no "hiding and showing" multiple sheets. In my trend chart I just showed months in 2013. To be clear, the bar chart must only display sub categories that fall under the same category as the selected sub category. I've attached some superstore data for your convenience, and a screenshot of what I'm trying to describe. Let me know what you think of it.