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    Running_Sum Order

    Jorge Moreno

      Good Morning;


      I am trying to create a tooltip calculation that basically tracks the running sum among categories against a different value.

      My calculation works...however the order of the sum is off.

      My data set is linked to SFDC;


      I am tracking sales by Category. Cat1, Cat2, Cat3....varying in color on a bar graph.]

      Comparing these values to a Goal.

      So cat 1 is 100 and goal is 1000. This calc will give you -900.

      Cat 2 is 400; calc will return -500

      The problem is with the third...

      Cat 3 is 200; this calc gives you -700 when it should be -300. It adds cat1+cat3-goal


      My calculation is RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Licenses Amount (USD)]))-SUM([Sheet1 (PlanData)].[LBE])


      Is is sorted by Field; count, decending.



      Any help is much appreciated.