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    Merge of TDE

    Jeff Strauss

      I'm looking for any alternative methods for merging two tde files.  Right now, I have a "large" published data source on server (100+ million rows - daily data with a time type of D), and I'm trying to do a tabcmd publish --append of a tde (10 million rows - aggregated data with a time type of Y,Q) that is local on my server.  It sporadically (about 50% of the time) returns an error:


        *** Bad request

      Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: no such schema (Extract)



      I have a support case open and there is no resolution yet.  I am theorizing that the error may have something to do with our clustered environment where we have the dataengine running on multiple worker nodes.  It uploads the tde and then tries to merge it with the other, but if the merge is occurring on one of the other remote worker nodes, perhaps it can't find it yet because there is no "pause" built-in to wait for replication.