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    I  am new to Tableau and looking for help on my first project for school.

    McFarland Leonard

      Hi I am in an MBA program, new to Tableau and trying to do my first project based on the  Laptop sales data- I will share location on Google Drive:


      Please feel free to reach out to me directly mjeromeleonard@gwmail.gwu.edu or (240) 888-7534. Thank you in advance.


      1. Price Questions
      2. i. At what prices are the laptops actually selling?
      3. ii. Does price change with time? ( Hint: Make sure that the date column is recognized as such. The software should then enable different temporal aggregation choices, e. g., plotting the data by weekly or monthly aggregates, or even by day of week.) iii. Are prices consistent across retail outlets?
      4. iv. How does price change with configuration?
      5. Location Questions
      6. i. Where are the stores and customers located?
      7. ii. Which stores are selling the most?
      8. iii. How far would customers travel to buy a laptop?

      • Hint 1: you should be able to aggregate the data, for example, plot the sum or average of the prices. .

      • Hint 2: Use the coordinated highlighting between multiple visualizations in the same page, for example, select a store in one view to see the matching customers in another visualization.

      • Hint 3: Explore the use of filters to see differences. Make sure to filter in the zoomed out view. For example, try to use a “store location” slider as an alternative way to dynamically compare store locations. This is especially useful for spotting outlier patterns if there are many store locations to compare.

      1. iv. Try an alternative way of looking at how far customers traveled. Do this by creating a new data column that computes the distance between customer and store.
      2. Revenue Questions
      3. i. How do the sales volume in each store relate to Acell’s revenues?
      4. ii. How does this depend on the configuration?


      1. Configuration Questions
      2. i.             What are the details of each configuration?

        ii.            How does this relate to price