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    What style do you use to view Discussions and Comments:  Flat or Threaded?

    Toby Erkson

      If you go to your General Preferences tab (I think this will work if you're logged in:  http://community.tableau.com/user-preferences!input.jspa ) you can view forum Discussions in Flat or Threaded style and the same goes for Comments that are found in Ideas and in documents like in the TabWiki:

      Who uses what and why?


      I originally used the Flat view for both but I'm trying the Threaded view for now.





      The Flat view is nice as it presents content in chronological order.  The Threaded view appears to be good for following conversation replies -- assuming people Reply against the appropriate post -- and I am seeing it's value for moderating threads e.g. if branching a topic that it won't disturb other replies.


      TC15 (#DATA15) What were your 10 Favorite Things??? is an example where the Threaded view doesn't flow quite right when compared to the Flat view.