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    Calling any DOE College Scorecard Data Wranglers

    Robert Else

      Hi all -


      I was so happy to meet many of you at the Higher Ed Meet-up at TC15 in Vegas! Thanks for coming, and let's keep the energy going!

      Also Hooray for Chris Shaffer from Shawnee State IR office for an informative and humorous presentation.

      Here's my question: at the end of the session, someone mentioned they had downloaded the US Dept of Ed College Scorecard Data, and were in the process of (or had completed) giving meaningful names to all 1,700+ columns. Wow!

      Was that you, Ken Brown? I happened on your picture in this group and it rings a bell, but who knows...

      I would love this thread to be a discussion about issues with wrangling that data. In the previous session, Jon Boeckenstedt said that Tableau viz wiz Jewell Loree had begun this project but was considering asking for some crowdsourcing help. But maybe it's already done.

      For those of you not familiar with this topic, see https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/

      Any help on this out there?