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    Natsumi Sakoya



      I want to know the performance of Tableau Desktop.


      I search about the difference between V8 and V9.

      First, I made 1million records of data.

      Second, I made the dashboard by using V8.

      Then, copied the dashboard for V9.

      Finally, record the performance of 2 dashboards.

      However, I couldn’t see the difference, so I'm not sure what the matter is.


      Attached the data of the records.

      I want to demonstrate the presence of parallel query and other performance improvements.







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          Russell Christopher

          I didn't look at the workbook, because I can't open it (I get an error message)...but the fact that your Layout time is upwards of 20+ seconds tells me you're most likely plotting hundred-of-thousands to millions of marks on your dashboard. That takes time and is resource intensive. It is not a best practice.


          Generally, the "expensive" part of executing a viz/dashboard is running the query - your query is executing quite quickly already, and most of the performance improvements between 8.x and 9 focus on making the queries go faster.


          Most people don't render many, many marks on a viz because the results aren't useful to human beings - the average person can't "look" at that many things.