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    Create a calendar view for impacts

    Calum Sellars



      I am currently trying to create a calendar view to show when key impacts/initiatives are going to hit. So far I am only able to create the below view, however, I need all dates to be shown (including dates when there are no impacts) in order to get a full calendar view.




      I have tried create a relationship between impact dates and another excel sheet which has all calendar dates listed in it, however, I cant seem to get the view I want which would look something like this:


      I got this view from here : Creating an interactive monthly calendar in Tableau is easier than you might think and have tried following instructions in a couple of articles but to no avail.


      Can anyone help? It would be great for some step by step instructions too so that I can recreate in the future.


      Please see my .twbx file attached.


      Many thanks,