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    Prepping Survey Data Using Alteryx - New Stuff!

    Susan Baier

      I am SO EXCITED to be able to post this today! Steve Wexler (Steve Wexler) a Tableau Zen Master and survey data expert, has just posted a detailed new series on prepping survey data for Tableau using Alteryx. You can find his posts here:





      Steve has included sample data and the completed Alteryx workflow for download in his post, and walks through (in detail!) how he sets up Alteryx for survey data, and why. I work with survey data every day, have been using Alteryx for a few months and found lots to emulate in his approach that will really streamline my own data prep.

      Steve will be speaking at the upcoming Tableau conference as well -- I encourage you to check out his session (Schedule | Tableau Conference 2015). Every time I encounter the guy he teaches me something new.


      Thanks Steve for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us so generously!