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    Blinds.com is creating an Analytics Center of Excellence

    Ian McLendon

      Hello! I've been asked by my recruiting team to share the below information with our Tableau user group. Hopefully there are some who might be interested in the group, and can help us with taking our analytics to the next level!

      Blinds.com Analytics Center of Excellence

      Join as a Founding Member


      Since merging last year with The Home Depot, we’ve been able to maintain our small, start-up environment, yet derive all of the enormous benefits of the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer with revenue approaching $90 billion. Blinds.com has been honored as Houston’s Best Place to Work and one of the Top 5 Workplaces in Texas.


      We’ve got an aggressive 5-year vision for 2020, which will not only transform interconnected retail, but also ourselves. While our success has always been based in part on data-driven decision making, with the added complexity of integrating with 2000 stores and 400,000 associates, and eventually expanding into Mexico and Canada, we’re building out an Analytics Center of Excellence.


      And maybe this is where you come in.


      Become a Founding Member of an elite team of entrepreneurial-spirited, curious data analysts.  We have immediate openings at various levels, from report developers to VP, in multiple departments, including Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Contact Center, Business Intelligence, IT, Finance, and Process Improvement to help us:


      • Identify trends in data that are otherwise invisible to the business
      • Understand behavioral Web traffic patterns to inform navigational modifications
      • Arm the organization with an analytics framework for enhanced data-driven decision making
      • Improve demand generation and predictive analytics
      • Understand price elasticity and its impact on conversion and merchandizing
      • Optimize customer touchpoints to drive experience improvements and repeat/referral rates
      • Drive never before seen innovation in interconnected retail
      • Lead value creation through data and analytics
      • Create attribution models among mobile, store, web and phone customers

      Please include a cover letter indicating particular areas of interest and skill. Apply by visiting this link: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=o49U1fwS&s=Tableau_Usergroup