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    Regarding parallel operation of Tableau SDK using Python

    Gunjan Narulkar

      Hi All,


      I'm a beginner in Tableau SDK as well as Python. What we are trying to do is simple - to incrementally append an existing TDE with another. To provide some additional context, we have tried the addfiletoextract commandline utility and probably because of data size, it fails. We have logged an issue already for this but yet to receive any kind of definitive help on that. On other hand, we have observed that Python Tableau SDK does not pose the problem because of size of the data. However, it takes close to 9 hours versus less then couple of hours for similar tasks when addfiletoextract commandline utility or Tableau Server is used for similar scale of data.


      My guess is that this difference in execution time is because by default, Tableau SDK does not utilize all the available CPUs whereas the Tableau Server (backgrounder) process utilizes all the CPUs. So the question becomes can Tableau SDK be designed in a way to utilize multiple cores using Python?


      Any help will be much appreciated.