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    Same DashBoard But Different Data and Display

    Cai Jun Chua

      Hi, I am facing a weird problem with Tableau right now.

      Basically, I set up Tableau Active Directory with Kerberos. I added some users into the Tableau Server and the Database.

      I then publish a dashboard to my Tableau Server. However, when I try to view the chart from 2 different users. One of them is showing the correct view but the other one has the wrong data and certain visualization are off.


      Note that

      1) Both user has the permission or roles as "Publisher".

      2) Data Connections is live and is "Refresh More Often"

      3) Both of them are pointing to the same Dashboard in the Server (My Server only has 1 dashboard)

      4) I try to export data from the graph and I realise the one with the wrong data and off visualization has some rows missing. (I clicked the refresh button of the dashboard multiple times)


      May I know what could the problem?