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    How to schedule a extract refresh for Googlesheet WDC extracts in Tableau Online

    Frederick Kah Keong Ho

      Hi all,


      I was wondering is there a way to schedule an extract refresh for WDC in Tableau Online (Not Tableau Server)? I know this can be done by uploading the HTML file for the WDC in Tableau Server, but this doesnt seem to be an option for Tableau Online users.


      I was thinking of something along the lines of using the Tableau SDK to update the extract, but kind of stuck in terms of how should I write it to update the extract file from the WDC extract. I am planning to use the WDC to connect to a Google Spreadsheet (note: I am not a programmer but I am able to understand and do some basic coding if needed)


      Was wondering is there any ways to go about this? (opening the WDC using tableau desktop and refreshing the extracts is not really an option here as there would be too many data source to refresh in a day. Note that this was the answer that tableau support gave me when i contacted them).


      Thank you in advance.