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    license requirement for JsAPI usage

    Pratik Pawar



      I am working on web application for visualization and learning feasibility of using JSAPI in application to pull in reports from tableau.

      My understanding on topic is limited from online reads of dev doc and demo.

      - Author creates reports, dashboards, workbooks on tableau desktop/server and publishes it on tableau server.

      - Tableau server will require a license for author personnel account.

      - Web application can use JSAPI to access those reports, workbooks or dashboards.


      Is my understanding correct till the point?


      If so, I would like to know the requirements from licensing and user account point of view.


      Can multiple users access reports on web application without the user account/license?

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          The community team is going through older posts that never received an answer and following up. Are you still searching for a solution to this question? If so, let us know. Otherwise, please share what you've found! In general, these sorts of questions are best asked of your account manager, as they can make sure you're not in violation of our EULA.