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    previous year current months value against current month

    naresh v

      Hi Team,


      I am working on a solution to get Previous Year Value against current month's value ie.


      For Example: this is Sep' 2015, against it I would require Sep'2014 value as per the below picture.

      I was able to achieve the below using the LookUp function. However when I filter the data below from Jan 2011, then the 2010 data will no more work as it will be filtered out from Lookup Formula.


      In my final table I should use only Jan 2011 to Dec 2011 and in one column the actuals should appear and in another column previous year's values should appear. thanks a lot for the help.


      I have also attached the workbook for reference. thanks a lot for the help.


      Previous Year Question.png

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          Table calculations depend on dimensions in the view, however if you create another table calculation and place that into filter, it gets executed after the lookup table calculation is computed.


          Since you had the month and the year dateparts in the view, I created a custom date by right clicking the order date dimension and chose 'create custom date' and select 'month/year' in the detail and click ok. Place this new custom date on rows and remove the date you have now.


          Then create a table calculation like: LOOKUP(ATTR([Order Date (Month / Year)]), 0) and place it in the filters and select only 201101 to 201112.