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    Data15 phone app is nice!

    Toby Erkson

      My quick review of the Data15 app


      Installation was quick and easy, however, you will need your email address and registration confirmation number to initially log on.


      The first screen or 'home page' you'll see is the Discover screen and it pictorially bookmarks things from the"Tableau Conference 2015" main menu, which is located in the upper left edge of the screen.  Click it and you'll get everything:



      What I liked is the Schedule, where you can set up a filter to help find various things and tap the star to mark it as a Favorite (which will show up in the My Favorites as shown in the main menu above):


      One other cool feature is the Search option.  Tapping the magnifying glass allows you to search for multiple things as you type, much like the search feature on Tableau Server:

      However, I found you need to first search for something, anything, and then the active search-as-you-type mode will appear.


      Other niceties:

      • Scroll to the bottom of the 'Tableau Conference 2015' menu and there are Maps.
      • Many of the screens have the ability for you to enter Notes at the bottom of the screen.
      • You can send a Direct Message or E-mail to an attendee...helpful if you don't have their personal phone number.  I think this will be better than trying to get the phone number of every person you may want to connect with.  I don't know how fast the messaging is because I'm waiting for Shawn to ping me back <ahem!>


      I definitely recommend getting the app.  I can see it being more helpful for me as everything I need -- contacts, maps, and schedule -- is in one easy to use interface