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    Hong Hu

      Hi, I'm trying to do a data extraction from the tableau server.  I have about 50 million records.  After a long time it had extracted like 30 million.  I wasn't paying attention, but the next thing I knew, is that there is a message asking me if I would like to be reconnected to the data source.  I said yes, and then the extraction was gone.  No trace of it can be found.


      What could have happened? I was working on other things at the time and the computer is on.  I hate to have to redo all these.  But if I can just let it run all night, I'm sure it'll be done.  However I would like to know this: Do you need to be active in the tableau file while it is doing the extraction?  Would the extraction stop if the computer sleeps? Thanks!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Sounds like it just lost the connection to the db for some reason. Until an extraction completes, completely, no file is created. I don't have an answer for the sleep question.

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            Hong Hu

            I've tried multiple times without a success.  The last time after 3 hours the computer shut down automatically, saying that it was too warm.  It was sitting on my desk and I was working as what I do every day.


            I think my database is simply too large.  Can I break it into several small ones?  Would I be able to append them together afterwards?