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    1.0.6 Feedback: A Running List

    Matt Coles

      This is a list of all bugs, issues, feature change requests, or documentation deficiencies reported in v1.0.6 of VizAlerts, for tracking purposes. I'll keep this up to date with newly reported issues, and add notes should they be fixed in a newer version. Alongside each is who found / suggested each issue / feature request:


      Items struck through have been fixed in the latest version. All other items will carry over.


      1. Locally (non-AD) authenticated Server users can't get trusted ticket to run their alert (matt c) 

      Functionality Changes:

      1. Provide a separate admin control on viz image rendering timeouts (matt c)
      2. Improve error emails by translating HTTP status codes to intelligible, actionable information (e.g., 403 = subscriber doesn't have permission, 406 = viz render failed; click this link to see error, etc) (matt c)
      3. Support plaintext email in Advanced Alerts (toby e)
      4. Support additional formats for embedded content in Advanced Alerts (csv, pdf, png, etc) (toby e)
      5. Add footer link for web editing alert viz, so long as user has permissions (matt c)
      6. Add multi-threading to support timely processing of heavy alert loads (matt c)
      7. Add support for subscribing to an entire Workbook (david l)
      8. Allow embedding of other View images in Advanced Alerts (e.g, "VIZ_IMAGE('myworkbook/view2')")  (matt c)
      9. In a single email for an Advanced Alert fails, do not stop processing remaining email (toby e)
      10. Store operational data in a structured log format and/or relational database specified by Admin (matt c)

      Documentation Changes: 

      1. Expand the images in the documentation so they are more readable (toby e)
      2. Add an "advanced setup" section to the install guide. (toby e)