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    Problem with Custom Polygons

    Brooke Anderson

      Hello All: Allow me to being with I'm a new Tabeau-er.  I am looking to make a map of all the school districts in the U.S. I found the polygon data at: http://tableaumapping.bi/2013/08/09/usa-school-districts-tiger/. I took a shot and got something similar to the image referenced in the aforementioned link, but I'm still having some issues that I can't quite figure out. Namely, HI and AK have areas that have areas that go across the screen. Also, all of the districts across the country don't have clean lines like the picture either. I've attached my file so you can see what I mean. (PS - I'm sure some of the data they included isn't necessary, but it downloaded as a .tde and all of these were included...i did however export the data to a .csv and have also attached it.)


      Also, is it possible to have the state borders appear on TOP of the districts so you can see which state the districts are in?


      Thanks so much for the help guys. I've been trying to work on this for a couple days and just can't figure it out.



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          Simon Runc

          hi Brooke,


          I've had a quick look, and you also need to bring the SubPolygonID into the level of detail shelf. It needs this (I think) when boarders (read Polygon) cross water, so that it knows to stop and start plotting again. To get the boarders ontop, you need to click on the Colour Tile, and in the option for boarder select a colour (Grey/Black), and it will boarder the polygon marks.


          Hope this does the trick, but if not please post back