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    Moving Tableau server connection issues

    Gary Wadhams



      I am new to the forums so first off let me say Hi.


      Secondly I am having a bit of an issue when we move our Tableau server from one site to another and wondered if anyone could shed some light on the issue.


      We currently use Tableau as a kind of pass-through authentication for a Portal application (If you log into Portal you log into Tableau) to pull data for reports. At present this works swimmingly but we are trying to get our production servers based in the same site and when we move the Tableau server we get authentication errors from Portal.


      I have added the new IP address to the Trusted Auth table as per Add Trusted IP Addresses or Host Names to Tableau Server but am still getting the Permission denied error. Any ideas? Is there any further permissioning required? The only change is Tableau moving from one site to another so the IP address is changing.


      We have checked server connectivity and can telnet on port 80 and 443 with no issues but get repeated permission denied when querying a report.


      Now I am only just picking Tableau up from a support perspective so I understand this is a VERY vague post. Any information that can even point me in the correct direction will be greatly appreciated and any further information you would require to assist can be provided (As long as I can find it)